The East Asian Sociological Association is an academic platform that intends to stimulate dialogues & discussions in a range of issues and topics on Asian and East Asian societies and beyond.  It welcomes participation of scholars and researchers from diverse sociological fields around the world. 


Participants may orally present or distribute papers on their academic work.  Presentations will be organized by each Research Network, a group of scholars, researchers and students sharing similar interests in one specific subfield in sociology. 


A participant wishing to present a paper please send an application for paper presentation to the representative of the Research Network of his/her interest. The application will be reviewed and determined of its status, i.e., oral presentation or paper distribution.


For queries, please contact the EASA Japan Office at easa_jpsc(at)


For those who need a visa to come to the congress

The Japan office of EASA will prepare the documents which are necessary for you to apply for a visa. If you apply for a presentation at the congress and need a visa to participate in the congress, please contact us (easa_jpsc<at> as soon as possible (no later than mid-December). Especially for those who come from China where universities enter a long vacation in February, mid-December is the deadline to begin preparation for the documents. When contacting us about your visa, let us know your name, affiliation, nationality, and e-mail address.



How to Apply for Presentation


(1) Go to the List of Research Networks to view Research Networks that will hold sessions in the coming Inaugural Congress in March, 2019


(2) Choose the Research Network you wish to present in.


(3) For those who apply for presentation at the congress

To apply, send the title, abstract of the paper (approximately 300 words), and key words (no more than four), together with your email address, and an organizational affiliation, to the RN representative listed in the list of RN. The file must be prepared using MS Word or equivalent. Application period is:


              November 20, 2018 – December 31, 2018 (Japan time)**

(4) Should you not find a RN that would suit your research interest, contact the EASA Japan Office (email: easa_jpsc(at) by sending to the Office your presentation title and the abstract, together with your email address, country of origin, and an organizational affiliation.  Application period is:


              November 20, 2018 – December 31, 2018 (Japan time)**

(5) Wait for the notice from the RN representative or the EASA Japan Office indicating whether or not you are granted an oral presentation status.  The notice should arrive no later than:


              January 10, 2019.


You will automatically receive paper distribution status if oral presentation status is not granted.


**  It is strongly recommended that those applicants who would need visa to enter Japan apply at an earliest convenience, so that the Japan office can process the application in a timely manner.